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construction injuries

Man Successfully Claims Compensation for a Scaffolding Fall

A Co Cork man who fell from scaffolding while helping his brother repair the roof of his house has been awarded €750,000 in compensation for a scaffolding fall.

Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown was replacing slates on his brother´s roof in Killmallock, County Limerick during heavy rain in December 2008. The High Court was told that Mr Rayner lost his hearing, has a deficit of his taste and smell senses and still suffers from frequent headaches as a result of his fall.

Navan Worker Awarded Compensation After Explosion

A construction worker from Navan, Co Meath has been awarded compensation for an injury he sustained in an explosion caused by overheating the radiator of the digger which he was using. Thirty-two-year-old Pawel Ciawlowski suffered burns to 14 per cent of his body during the explosion, on his arms, face, abdomen and chest. He was immediately rushed to St James’ Hospital in Dublin.
Pawel claimed compensation from his employer, Emdan Developments Limited of Bective Street Kells, claiming negligence. Pawel called that his employers knowingly exposed him to the overheating radiator.

Cork Man Awarded €750,000 for Scaffolding Fall

A Cork man who fell three metres from scaffolding while assisting his brother with roof repairs has been awarded €750,000 in compensation at the High Court. Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown, Co Cork was helping his brother repair his roof in Killmallock, Co Limerick when he fell. The fall while working happened during heavy rain in December 2008.

Connecticut Ironmonger Receives Compensation for Knee Injury

A Connecticut ironmonger who was injured while working for a railway company has been awarded in excess of $140,000 for a knee injury he sustained while working on the Metro-North Railroad. Bill Ordner, from New Haven, Connecticut, was awarded the settlement having been forced to turn down a promotion because of his injury. Metro-North Railroad denied liability for the injury, claiming that the injury was not work related. Bill was awarded a further $2,000 to cover the cost of his medical bill.