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Saw Injury at Work Claim Brought to High Court

A claim that a carpenter has made for a saw injury that he sustained at work has been brought to the High Court after a dispute over liability.

In April 2008, Anoni Jamroziewicz (52) was working as a carpenter on the construction of the Limerick Tunnel. Antoni-a Polish national living in Limerick-was about to cut a length of timber from a plank with an industrial saw when he lost his balance and fell. As he felt, Antoni’s left hand fell into the saw, and part of his index and ring fingers were severed.

Company Fined for Violation of Health and Safety Laws which Resulted in Death of Worker

A concrete manufacturing company has been fined for grossly violating health and safety laws-designed to protect their employees-which resulted in the death of one of their workers.

Yesterday, Kilsaran Concrete-a manufacturer of concrete products-was fined €125,000 after pleading guilty to a violation of health and safety legislation that resulted in a fatal accident of one of their staff. They were further ordered to pay costs by Judge Michael O´Shea at Trim Circuit Court.

Manufacturing Plant Employee Receives Compensation for Back Injury

A manufacturing plant employee has received €46,000 in compensation for a back injury he sustained due to improper working conditions.

In March 2012, Daniel Hanley (24) of Stoneybatter, Dublin, was in the employment of Castolin Eutectic, working in their manufacturing plant in the Magna Business Park. While he was pushing a pallet truck at the sight, he slipped and fell. He was immediately taken to hospital, where he was treated for soft tissue damage to his back. He was rendered unable to return to work for six weeks.

Workers Memorial Day Commemorated by Launch of Workplace Safety Handbook

Ged Nash-the Minister for Business and Employment-launched the National Irish Safety Organisation’s ‘Safety Representative Resource Book’ at an event to mark Workers Memorial Day Ireland, and day to recognise and commemorate those injured, killed or made ill by the unsuitable working conditions.

Scaffolding Company Fined for Injuries Sustained to Worker

The scaffolding company Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd has been fined for injuries sustained to one of their workers as they were found negligent in ensuring his safety.

In August 2013, James Whelan (31) was working for the scaffolding company Bowmer and Kirkland Ltd on a project to build an extension to a Sainsburys supermarket in West London. While working on the project, James was walking along an area between the new and old parts of the building when he stepped onto a section of the plasterboard that he believed was lying atop a walkway.

Construction Company Guilty of Negligence in Roof Fall Case

A construction company has been found guilty of negligence in a case involving a teenager falling from the roof of a building, resulting in the fracture of her pelvis and back.

In October 2013, an anonymous mental health patient-known to be seventeen years old at the time-sustained severe injuries after falling from a roof at the Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire. An investigation was launched into the accident, which revealed that the female patient had climbed to the roof via the scaffolding that had been erected to replace part of the hospital’s roof.

Construction Company Found Negligent for Electric Shock Accident

A construction company has been fined by the Swindon Magistrates Court for negligence after one of its employees suffered a severe electric shock at a construction site.
In March 2013, Lee Burge (38) of Bristol had been employed on a construction project at the Trowbridge Rugby Club when he was operating a crane. As he started to life a section of steel, the hook block came into contact with an 11kV power line.

Claims Being Denied for Compensation Due to Pyrite Damage

Many claims for compensation due to pyrite damage are being denied by the Pyrite Resolution Board as people are not following the correct procedure to claim the required funding.

The Pyrite Resolution Board was established to aid in the reparation of homes that have been damaged by pyrite, and €10 million has been made available in funding to aid with this work. However, in spite of these measures, many homeowners have been prevented from claiming compensation for such damage because they either live in the wrong areas, or have suffered the “wrong” kind of damage.

Study Shows Link Between Heart Disease and Asbestos in Workplace

A study has been published that shows a clear link between the incidence of heart disease and strokes in workers and exposure to asbestos in their workplace.

A study conducted by the Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL)-a branch of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive-that was recently published in the British Medical Journal has concluded that employees exposed to asbestos are at a greater risk of heart disease and strokes than the general population.

Fall From Roof Accident Settled in Court

A man who experiences short-term memory loss after a fall from a roof accident has been awarded €1.5 million by a High Court judge.

In July 2012, Paul O’Brien was working on repairing the roof of a house in Bray when it started to rain. Paul attempted to descend from the roof on a ladder that was propped up on the side of the building, but as he stepped onto it, the ladder slipped on the house’s wooden deck. Paul fell to the ground, hitting his head off the deck as he fell.

Investigation into UCC Employee’s Death “Complex”

The investigation into the death of a UCC employee had been described as “complex” by the coroner involved in the inquiry.

In March 2013, Frank McGrath (58) was involved in a cherry picker accident, the details of which have not been disclosed to the public. As a result of the “blunt force trauma” that he sustained, he died shortly after the incident, despite medical attention he received from staff and paramedics.

Company Found Guilty of Health and Safety Violations

A company has been fined by the Wolverhampton Crown Court after being found guilty of health and safety violations which resulted in one of its employees losing his life in a forklift accident.

In July 2010, Andrew Davies (forty-three-years-old at the time of the accident) of Oldbury, West Midlands, was working at the Mapei UK Limited warehouse in Halesowen as a forklift truck driver. Andrew was emptying waste from a skip into a caged bag when he got down from the cab of the forklift truck.

HSA Report Reveals Statistics for Slip and Fall Accidents in Workplaces

The HSA has released a report compiling statistics for slip and fall accidents occurring in workplaces last year.

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has issued a warning about slips and falls in the workplace after it was revealed that more than €22 million was awarded in compensation for slip and fall injuries in workplaces last year.

Manufacturing Plant Employee Receives Head Injury Compensation

A former manufacturing plant employee has received €257,000 in compensation for a severe head injury that has prevented him from working again.

In May 2007, Hany Boles (49) of Cahir, County Tipperary, was employed as a knife washer in the AIBP meat processing factory. He was instructed to assist a colleague who was loading a meat conveyor bench onto two trolleys in order to move it elsewhere within the processing plant.

Judge Approves Settlements for Fatal Farm Accident

A claim for compensation made by a family for a fatal farm accident has been resolved before the case could be brought to court, and the settlements have been approved by a judge.

In May 2007, Seamus Miley of Dunlavin, County Wicklow, died when the dumper truck-six tonnes in weight-which he was operating on the Ardenode Stud Farm in Ballymore Eustace, County Kildare overturned as he was driving down a steep incline.

Company fined €350,000 after Construction Worker’s Death

Owencrest Properties Ltd have been fined €350,000 euro after authorities found them in breach of several guidelines established in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. The court case followed the death of a Polish construction worker Czeslav Malinowski on their building site in Roscommon town in April 2006.

Man Successfully Claims Compensation for a Scaffolding Fall

A Co Cork man who fell from scaffolding while helping his brother repair the roof of his house has been awarded €750,000 in compensation for a scaffolding fall.

Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown was replacing slates on his brother´s roof in Killmallock, County Limerick during heavy rain in December 2008. The High Court was told that Mr Rayner lost his hearing, has a deficit of his taste and smell senses and still suffers from frequent headaches as a result of his fall.

Trigger Finger Injuries for Construction Workers

Trigger finger is characterized by the agonizing pain that makes the fingers or the thumb to fasten or hold the fingers in a flexed condition. This is usually caused by inflammatory tendons found inside a restrictive containment known as a tendon sheath. The usual infected area is the hard, tissue connector of the muscles of the arm to the finger and the bones of the thumb. This works together allowing one to flex and move the fingers and the thumb. An inflammatory tendon may cause the fingers to fall apart or disengaged when it is flexed.

Acoustic Shock at Work

Acoustic shock – is it new to your ear? What is acoustic shock? It is any disturbance to the ear as a result of being exposed to unexpected sharp rise in pitch while using a telephone headphone/earphone. An acoustic shock is the ear’s response to an acoustic incident, which is defined as a sudden and unexpected sound transmitted through a telephone line straight to a headset.

What are the causes of acoustic shock? There are no known direct causes of acoustic shock but there are some factors that have been identified that might cause it:

Building Site Injury Claim Approved in Court

A construction worker who sustained burns to 14 per cent of his body when the radiator of a nearby digger exploded has had his building site injury claim approved in the High Court.

32-year-old Pawel Ciawlowski from Navan in County Meath suffered his injury when he was showered with hot water and scalding steam from the radiator. Mr Ciawlowski spent several days in hospital and was unable to work during this time.

Navan Worker Awarded Compensation After Explosion

A construction worker from Navan, Co Meath has been awarded compensation for an injury he sustained in an explosion caused by overheating the radiator of the digger which he was using. Thirty-two-year-old Pawel Ciawlowski suffered burns to 14 per cent of his body during the explosion, on his arms, face, abdomen and chest. He was immediately rushed to St James’ Hospital in Dublin.
Pawel claimed compensation from his employer, Emdan Developments Limited of Bective Street Kells, claiming negligence. Pawel called that his employers knowingly exposed him to the overheating radiator.

Trigger Finger Injuries for Construction Workers

Trigger finger is characterized by the agonizing pain that makes the fingers or the thumb to fasten or hold the fingers in a flexed condition. This is usually caused by inflammatory tendons found inside a restrictive containment known as a tendon sheath. The usual infected area is the hard, tissue connector of the muscles of the arm to the finger and the bones of the thumb. This works together allowing one to flex and move the fingers and the thumb. An inflammatory tendon may cause the fingers to fall apart or disengaged when it is flexed.

Cork Man Awarded €750,000 for Scaffolding Fall

A Cork man who fell three metres from scaffolding while assisting his brother with roof repairs has been awarded €750,000 in compensation at the High Court. Patrick Rayner from Mitchelstown, Co Cork was helping his brother repair his roof in Killmallock, Co Limerick when he fell. The fall while working happened during heavy rain in December 2008.